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So What did I do To grow Taller – How much height did I Gain?

It all Started with research, I would Google, How to get taller, How to grow taller, Can I grow taller. I must have read through hundreds of web pages, the majority of them were telling me the same thing, The only proven way to gain height and grow taller was to use stretching exercises.

At first I thought to myself ‘’grow taller with stretching exercises’’ How is that possible, ‘’I need to see some proof’’ so I went back to Google and did some more research. I soon found out That it was indeed possible to grow taller using stretching exercises, And it has been well know since the 1930’s!

I also discovered ‘’HGH’’ Human growth hormone, Can also help you grow taller if used in the correct way. Human Growth hormone stimulates Growth and cell reproduction, In recent years replacement therapies with human growth hormones have become popular in the battle against Aging. It is said you actually get younger when you take them!

Do you? Or Did You, Have a Hormone Deficiency when you were younger?

The effects of growth hormone deficiency vary depending on the age at which they occur. In children and young teen’s, Growth failure or short stature are the major manifestations of a growth hormone deficiency. It can also cause delayed sexual maturity, I Think i may have suffered from some sort of 'HGH'' Deficiency, As Stoped Growing at sixteen!

After lots of research , I decided to stay away from ‘’HGH’’ Because I was unwilling to inject The substance in to my body, They are also very expensive. If you would like more information on Human growth hormone visit Wiki

Stretching exercises That make Grow taller

I wanted to Grow taller But I didn’t want to spend money on expensive pills or ’’HGH’’, I decided the best way to get taller would be to use stretching exercises. I had read a lot about how effective they were but I didn’t actually know how to do them, I looked around online and found a few sites showing you how to do some exercises, But I was disappointed by the lack of good instructions.

I eventually found a fantastic Downloadable EBook, Packed Full of Detailed Step By step Routines and tips, It Also Includes sixteen video Tutorials for the exercises.

It Taught me Masses of new Information, Most of most of which I had not read about online, It gave me a step by step action plan to follow, told me how and when to do stretching exercises to maximise the effect, The Book is over 100 pages long with full colour illustrations showing you step-by-step how to grow inches taller.

In The summer of 08 I began to use correct posture, started using my new exercises and started eating healthily. Within two and a half weeks I had gained an inch in height! I was ecstatic It gave me more of an incentive to carry on I thought to myself ’’ this really works’’ Throughout that summer I Gained 2 inches in height at 22 years old, I was so happy I had gone from five foot six to five foot eight, And was optimistic I could gain even more height and that’s exactly what I did. To this day I am still using the stretching exercises and tips I had learned from my EBook.

I am now twenty three and have gained Three & half Inches in total, The best bit of advice I can give you is don’t give up It is possible, It just takes time and commitment . At least give it a fair chance Many people don’t stick to the routine’s long enough to see real any real height gains. If you do the stretching exercises properly, Eat well and get plenty of sleep Expect to see results fast ‘’ within Three weeks.
I am going to be posting free How to grow taller tips and stretching techniques each week. Be sure to favourite this site so you can come back and check updates with ease.

Best of luck