Learn New, Ways To Grow Taller



My story, How I grew Taller, How Long it Took & How I Achieved It

Having been the small guy all my life, I know how difficult it can be. Always having to look up at people when talking, it used to make me feel so uncomfortable when having conversations. After years of struggling to accept my height at a messily five foot six inches, I decided it was time to take action.

It was the summer of 08 when I embarked on my journey to get tall. I started with little hope not knowing if it was even possible to increase my height, I wanted to stay away for pills & medications right from the start as 99% of them do not work.

After a few weeks of looking round the web and reading hundreds of web pages, I came to the conclusion the best way to grow taller would be to use stretching exercises and proper nutrition. I know it sounds strange ''stretching exercises'' but many people have gained inches in height just by implementing a few simple techniques in to their daily routine.

My main problem was my posture, like many people my who work at desks or are sat in chairs for long periods of time. My back was always slumped, I would never sit up or stand up straight this made me appear even smaller than I was. I gained 1'' in height just from correcting my posture, and you can to!

As I slowly started to implement all the stretching exercises I had studied, Week By week I was gaining height. Each week I would measure my height and each time it gave me more of an incentive to carry on, because I was seeing results.

1# Posture

Using correct posture can be an instant way to increase your height, Make sure you sit up straight with your shoulders back. It can be quite hard to implement at first, if you have been used to slouching. Try to remind yourself every time you find yourself slouching, it can and will work wonders for you.

2# sleep

When sleeping at night always try to sleep on your back, this keeps your spine straight and works wonders for your posture. If you want to improve it even more Try to find a good pillow, wrong pillows bend your neck into an unnatural position as you sleep and over time can even cause cervical disc protrusion!

3# Cycling

Cycling is a fantastic way to lengthen your legs, All you have to do is raise the bicycle seat three to four inches higher than normal. It may be difficult at first, riding your bike in this manner but you soon adapt to it. I would suggest only doing this exercise for twenty 20 minutes at a time, to avoid unnecessary strain.

4# Swimming

Swimming is an excellent growth stimulating activity, When done in the right way . A few lengths up and down your local pool each week, using the breast stroke technique can dramatically improve your height. The breast stroke utilities your full body length meaning every time you complete a stroke your body is at its maximum length

5# Attitude

As I said before I started off with little hope, But as soon as I saw results the fire was lit. It had hit me I can grow taller and will gain height, I stuck at it and it paid off. The best piece of advice I can give you is don't expect anything to happen overnight, it takes time and commitment, but is very achievable.

I wish you the best of luck