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High Intensity Training - Proven To Increase ''HGH' Human Growth Hormone By 530% !

The sprint *8* Work Out - How To Do It


The sprint Eight workout is proven to increase your ‘’HGH’ levels. It can be performed in many different ways but the main one is running, and it’s so easy!

All you have to do is –

Run 50 meters (70 yards of a 100 yard football field) progressively increasing the intensity on each of the 8 sprints. Each sprint is followed by a 1 and a half to two minutes walk back recovery,
That is it!

This simple exercise will increase your ''HGH'' by 500% for a short period of time, If you do this exercise daily and in conjunction with stretching exercises you are sure to see noticeable gains in height, within a few weeks.

This is how you sprint,

After each 70 yard sprint Take 2 minutes walk back time.